Aura Photographs

The Wisdom of Your Energy Fields

Pat and Nancy McCleary Passion and Purpose

Pat and Nancy McCleary

Pat and Nancy McCleary have a joint mission to inspire people to reach their full potential in life. They do this in many ways. Nancy has been helping people for many years through her gift of psychic channeling. Besides her intuitive gift, Nancy is an expert in numerology, Cards of Destiny and helping people to discover their life purpose.

Pat is a successful entrepreneur and speaker who is passionate about Personal Development. Pat is also intuitive and has helped many people create a more purposeful and prosperous life.

Aura Photography is a way for Pat and Nancy McCleary to help people discover more about themselves and their potential for improving their lives. An aura photo is a fun and enlightening process where you can receive immediate feedback, both visually and intuitively from Pat and Nancy. Be inspired to achieve your dreams!

We share this wonderful process through metaphysical and other fairs, home parties, and corporate and special events. To book Pat and Nancy McCleary for your next event, click here.