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Aura Photography in Boulder/Denver Colorado

Science has proven that we are more than our physical bodies. An aura photograph is a form of biofeedback about the current state of the energy fields surrounding our entire body. Our energy fields can tell us much information about ourselves and until aura photograph technology was available, only a psychic could see and interpret our energy.

Aura photos are a byproduct of converting the electromagnetic energy surrounding the body into a unique color spectrum. The colors represent different states of consciousness, emotions, vitalities, talents and potential in certain areas a person might have. Using a highly specialized camera, aura photography is accomplished through a two-part process. The aura camera takes a Polaroid snapshot while the biofeedback apparatus measures the electrical frequencies of the person’s energy fields. The information that is gathered is converted into colors and patterns which show up in the portrait and represent the aura of the person.

We use the top of line aura camera created by the inventor of aura photography, Guy Coggins. An interesting fact is that there are only 250 of these camera’s in the United States and only 1,000 in the entire world. We use the best equipment to ensure your photo will be as accurate as possible. Getting your aura picture taken is a fun and enlightening experience.

Every color has unique qualities and purposes. No color is better then another. Also, as you change, your aura will change too because it is a measure the vibrational frequency of your body. There is much one can learn from their aura picture. Pat and Nancy use their intuitive abilities to interpret and read one’s aura and give feedback on what each color means to that individual. Many people have experienced profound realizations about themselves from having their aura photo taken. Seeing their own aura introduces them to the idea that they are also vibrant color, light, spirit and energy. To learn how you can get your aura photograph taken or to book Pat and Nancy for your fair, party or event in the Boulder/Denver/Longmont CO area, click here.

Aura Photograph Color InterpretationsAura True Color Swirls

The colors represented in your aura photograph depict the various vibrations in your electromagnetic field, or aura.  Each color depicts a certain aspect of a persons makeup, and has a particular meaning for each person.  There are many factors that contribute to your aura photograph colors, such as your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state. There are no bad colors within an aura; one aura photograph is not superior to another. The aura photo is a way to gain insight into your energy field, and use this information in a positive light. The colors in your aura photograph may indicate the following:

Red: Power, vitality, the urge to win and be successful, high energy, leadership, strong-willed, action, competition, the survival instinct and a sense of adventure.

Orange: Creativity, emotional, artistic,sensitive, sociable, confidence, ability to relate to to others in an open manner, sensitivity, personal expression and expansiveness.

Yellow:  Enthusiastic, sunny, cheerful, fun, bright, sense of humor, warmth, happiness, relaxation, warmth, hope and expectation, encouragement, and inspiration.

Green: Healing, growth or change, renewal, patience, firmness, sense of responsibility, calming, abundance, deep focus, puts high value on career and personal attainment.

Blue: Communication, genuine, emotional health, genuine, faith and trust, emphasis on personal relationships, need for calm and tranquil environment, spiritual seekers.

Violet: Dreamers, visionaries, magical, psychic and mediumship, spacey, easily connect with higher planes of consciousness, wish  to charm and delight others.

White: Spiritually motivated, open and receptive to a higher power, inner illumination, cosmic wisdom, not very concerned with worldly matters or ambitions.

Pat and Nancy accurately and intuitively interpret the colors of aura photographs and compassionately share their insights to help people expand their awareness of themselves. Click Here to learn more about booking Aura Photographers Pat and Nancy McCleary.